– Camp can accommodate 12 guests, special arrangements can be made for kids sleeping on mattresses/ or sharing.
The camp is self-catering but includes a fully equipped kitchen, electricity, 3 bathrooms, a swimming pool, mini-bar, dartboard, pool table, 2 fridges and a freezer, 2 dining room areas and an outside boma with seating options.
We advise guests to bring along their own towels. We sell small and large bags of ice. We stock the boma with wood for your convenient use, but you can buy extra wood from us.

– Lodge hosts 9 chalets, accommodating 18 guests, but again special arrangements can be made with children.
The lodge chalets are not self-catering however a coffee bar is available. Guests can fulfill their needs at the restaurant.

We allow large groups that book the camp to have guests over in the lodge chalets, where then all is self-catering.

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